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Understanding the science behind losing, maintaining, or gaining weight is KEY to success in your health journey. My methods are backed by years of research and rooted in Metabolism-Based Eating. My methods WORK and aren't just some fad diet. They are sustainable, proven results.


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Julie Patula

My motivation for health and fitness started at a very young age and progressed as I became an adult. I went through periods of my life where I fell into the fad diets and gimmicks like many people do but quickly realized fad diets are NOT sustainable, and eventually EVERYONE will fail. 


I have over 10 years of experience working with people of all ages in the health and fitness industry along with experience in living a Metabolism Based Eating lifestyle. I am passionate beyond words about helping people adopt healthy, sustainable eating behaviors you can use forever! I am a certified ISSA Personal Trainer, hold a Bachelor of Science in Health & Physical Education, and a CISSN certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition


Whether you are just beginning your journey and are unsure where to start, or you’re a seasoned health & fitness veteran, JP Nutrition can help YOU reach and exceed your goals! 


I am here to help YOU, regardless of your starting point, to love and nurture the body you were given without adopting extreme, unsustainable behaviors. 


Let’s get started today! 


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"This health journey was the best decision I've ever made"


"[Julie's Program] has changed my life and it WILL change yours"


"This was a game changer for me and the way I thought about food"



Julie Patula

Nutrition Coach

1614 Goucher St

Johnstown, PA 15905

Tel: (866) 634-0651

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